Guidelines for the Application of Grant

Announcement of a Travel Grant to Young Scholars for
Presenting Papers at International Conferences

● Objectives:
The Grant is to provide travel expenses for junior faculty members and Ph.D. students in humanities and social sciences to present papers at international academic conferences.
● Qualification:
Assistant professors and Ph.D. students study in humanities and social sciences at the Research Oriented Universities of the Republic of China.
● Subsidies:
The Foundation will provide an amount depending on the venue of the conference.
● Application Procedures
  1. The application dossier should include:
    (a) The completed application form, the format of which is provided by the Foundation;
    (b) Two printed copies of the paper to be presented at the conference;
    (c) Two copies of abstract of the paper;
    (d) Recommendation letter from the department chairperson or director of the institute for assistant professor;
    (e) Recommendation letter from the advisor of the Ph.D. student;
    (f) Copy of invitation letter to attend the conference.

  2. The grants will be offered twice a year. The deadlines receiving applications are respectively May 10 for those who will attend meetings from June 1 to November 30, and November 10 for those who will attend meetings from December 1 to May 31.

  3. Grantees should submit to the Foundation a report regarding the participation in the conference and a copy of the paper in its final form within one month after the conference; and the grant from the Foundation should be properly acknowledged.

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